TXC X1:Pro [GBRS Variant]

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True to the original design, the TXC X1:Pro [GBRS Variant] is a one-piece CNC manufactured holster designed predominantly for appendix carry. After a year of usage, testing, and suggestions the [GBRS Variant] was finalized.

Starting with the Helix-G, which angles the DCC clip inward toward the user's body, the overall length was increased to prevent the clip from flexing. The face angle was also increased to 13 degrees to more aggressively drive the grip into the users body for maximum concealment. Additional mounting holes were added, to give a user a wider variety of cant adjustment. 

Due to the increased angle of the new Helix-G, additional pressure was felt from the built-in Concealment Wedge. To reduce discomfort and allow the user to wear the holster in either appendix or strong-side, the wedge was removed and the GBRS Group logo was lasered in it place. A second DCC Mod4 clip was also added to the front of the holster to increase stability across the horizontal axis of the waistline. 

Users have the choice of either "Glock 9mm/.40 Double Stack (17/19/19X/22/23/26/27/34/35/etc.)" or "Sig P320 9mm/.40 Double Stack" pistols.

The [GBRS Variant] comes with a high sweat guard; and like all TXC Holster models, holsters are cut to accept suppressor height sights and options by default. They are also open-ended to allow the use of most threaded barrels and compensators.